Release 0.20.1: New Protocols and Effects

  • Major Features
    • New Effects
      • Charge: Gain 1 Charged Cell
      • Deplete: Lose 1 Charged Cell
      • Short Circuit: Stops EP gain while active
    • New Protocols
      • Jolt (Lightning) Apply Short Circuit to a single target
      • Siphon Charge (Hacking) Apply Deplete to a single target, apply Charge to user
      • Recharge (Auto-target) Apply Charge to the lowest EP Bot on your team
  • Other Changes
    • Overcharge (Lightning) now synergizes with Short Circuit instead of Stun
    • Updated Tutorial to reflect Combat Changes
    • Made Effects apply before Damage (Reset buff!)
    • Scrap button now has a confirmation popup.
    • Spacebar now acts the same as Enter.
    • "Slow Battle Mode" was removed, Fast Battles are now default.
    • Enter/Spacebar now Defends in combat.

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Version 64 Apr 02, 2019

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