Release 0.20: Combat Rework

  • Major Features
    • Combat Rework
      • Combat is now turn based instead of real time.
      • There is now a Defend button in the bottom right of the controller that skips your turn and applies the Defending buff.
      • You have 10 seconds to finish your turn or you automatically Defend.
      • All Bots start with a random initiative value between 1 and 75.
      • Cooldowns have been removed, replaced by the Energy Cell system.
    • Energy Cells
      • Bots now have an Energy Cells value that scales with their Battery stat.
      • Bots now have an EP value that scales from 1-100 normally (Mir is 1-90).
      • EP generates based on your Battery stat.
      • When your EP hits it's max value, it converts into a Charged Cell unless you've filled all of your Energy Cells.
      • Most Protocols now require Energy Cells to use.
    • New Effect: Defending
      • -33% damage taken for 1 turn
  • Other Changes
    • Various bug fixes and UI updates

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