Release 0.12: PreBattle Rework

  • Major Features
    • PreBattle Rework
      • PreBattle now takes place on a UI instead of the battle field.
      • It's now possible to mouse-over the Bot's Techs and Protocols before combat to see what they have.
      • There are now assigned slots. In 3s there is one Free Slot anyone can use.
    • New Effect: Weakness
      • Weakness makes a Bot have 10% less accuracy and evasion.
      • If an ability consumes Weakness, the Weakness will be "exploited" for a burst of damage.
      • The damage portion of Weakness stacks.
    • New Tech: Physical
      • Piercing Shot (Physical) Medium damage + stun
      • Assault (Physical) Medium damage + weakness
      • Whirlwind (Physical) Low AOE Damage + weakness, consumes stun for damage boost
      • Opportunity (Physical) Low damage, consumes Weakness for a damage boost
    • New Mods
      • Effect Duration
      • Effect Accuracy
      • Effect Potency
    • New Patches
      • Self Buff Effect
      • Self Buff Effect Duration
      • Self Buff Effect Intensity
      • Self Buff Effect Accuracy
  • Other Changes
    • Buffed spawn rates of Epics and Legendaries. Not like they're gonna drop anyways.
    • Protocols are actually worth Data now when you find one you already have.
    • Buffed Healing values across the board
    • The "Open Offers" button now shows up on the Main Menu but only when you have an offer on one of your Auctions.
    • The client now has a version check to make sure you're up-to-date and prevent false bug reports.
    • There is now a Ready Check system when starting an Expedition/Arena match while in a Party.
    • Added some conversational popups a few times early game for some story/help.

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