Release 0.11: Friends and Partying

  • Major Features
    • Friends
      • Add, remove and chat with your friends
      • Found at the top right, chat bubble icon
    • Parties
      • Invite your friends, kick them, chat and start Expeditions
      • Found next to the chat bubble, weird green placeholder icon
    • New Protocol:
      • Overcharge (Lightning Tech) Applies Haste and removes Stun
    • New Settings:
      • Autoscrap Commons (probably worth doing once you hit end game)
      • Show Text On Controller (instead of the images)
  • Other Changes
    • Rare Techs can now roll +Stat mods (down from Epic).
    • AutoTarget is now a Rare Tech and only appears as Rare or higher Schematics
    • Hacking is now an Epic Tech and only appears as Epic or higher Schematics
    • Floating Combat Text is a little faster so it gets out of the way of other stuff coming in
    • Added Diminishing Returns to Effects, Stuns and Freezes (and all other debuffs) will eventually be ineffective on any Bot
    • Stuns/Freezes have been reverted back to 2 turn duration max
    • Drop rate bonus is now capped, after 25 hops you see no more benefits so you can't start at Alpha and have 80% drop rates on Blueprints anymore
    • Stat/Skill descriptions were added to the Help Panel (top right)
    • You can now make offers with Data by clicking Bid or with an item still by clicking Trade
    • Empty Tech Slots now have a mouseover showing their Slot Type

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    Version 55 Mar 07, 2019

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