Release 0.10: Abilities, Techs and Effects

  • Major Features
    • Progression Reworks:
      • Back to 10 Hops per Checkpoint
      • Can now unlock Checkpoints higher than Julie
      • Bots get stronger each Hop and faster each Checkpoint
      • Bots over level 10 no longer spawn
    • Tutorial Rework
      • Updated the Tutorial to have fewer words
      • Removed conversational aspect
      • Made completely optional
    • Protocol Rework
      • Protocols are now infinite
      • You only find them once
      • They are no longer tradeable/scrappable
    • New Tech: 
      • AutoTarget: These Protocols have special logic for picking Targets automatically
    • New Protocols:
      • Shock (Hacking)
      • Splitter (AutoTarget)
      • Revert  (AutoTarget)
      • Finish Off  (AutoTarget)
      • Top Off  (AutoTarget)
    • New Effects:
      • Cleanse: Remove a debuff from a friendly Bot
      • Eletrocute: Lightning DoT
    • New AOE Type:
      • Across: Hits Top and Bottom or Left and Right depending on direction selected
    • New Mods:
      • All Damage Dealt
      • All  Healing Dealt
      • Damage Resistance
      • Self Buff Patch
    • Self Buffs
      • Abilities can now apply Self Buffs to the caster as well as Applied (De)Buffs to the target
  • Other Changes
    • Implemented Fast Battle setting which removes the requirement of pressing "Enter" after selecting a Direction in combat
    • The last Checkpoint you started a battle at will be remembered
    • Abilities that hit all targets no longer require a target selection
    • Leaderboard records are now unique per person/group so only your best run is shown
    • Fixed a dupe with slotting Techs, whoops
    • Loot scene now has Scrap buttons for getting rid of garbage drops quickly
    • Buffed Bot base HP by 10 to make early game less bursty
    • Removed Level, you can now craft any Bot up to level 10 as soon as you start
    • Mod effects show up on Info Panels now

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