Release 0.22: UI Updates Continued

  • Main Menu is now a 3D Moon Base
  • Reworked Expeditions
    • Renamed to Missions
    • Missions are now tracked separately from Battles in the backend
    • You can now continue a Mission if you leave before finishing
    • When starting a Mission, you will be provided with options to choose from
    • More updates coming soon!
  • Planets
    • We've started implementing Planets
    • Currently only Titus is visible in the background
    • Soon you will choose which Planet to embark on a Mission to
    • Planets have different environments and certain Bots are more common
  • Various UI Updates and Bug Fixes
    • Added some initial story line on first login
    • Removed old log in screen, launch with the app
    • Added inventory support for Missions to prepare for consumable Missions as drops
    • Many bugs, coding is hard

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