A downloadable turn-based RPG for Windows and macOS

Engi is turn-based RPG where you take on the role of a newly graduated Engineer, trained to control and repair the bots that make space exploration possible. Combat is turn based with support for online coop and versus. There is a market that allows Engineers to trade the various Blueprints, Schematics and Protocols they scavenge from rogue Bots with each other.


  • Turn-based RPG combat with synergistic abilities
  • Server hosted multiplayer with co-op, versus and auction house
  • Collect stronger Blueprints from defeated Bots and build a copy for yourself
  • Construct the Blueprint into a Bot and train it up in combat then trade the Blueprint on the Market with other players
  • Modify the Bot's stats and abilities by selecting different Schematics and Protocols when constructing the Bot
  • Go on Expeditions and see how far out your Bots can make it
  • Leaderboards show who has made it the furthest and what Bots they used to do it

Install instructions

This game should be launched through the itch.io app where you will auto-login with your itch.io account.


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Version 71 48 days ago

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